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Wal-Mart, Pepsi Co, Starbucks, General Motors, FX Networks and Dish Network have joined the advertising blackout against Google after learning their ads are appearing on You Tube next to videos espousing racist and anti-Semitic views.They told The Wall Street Journal they were pulling either some or all of their ads from the internet giant after being alerted the ads were still appearing on Google-owned You Tube, despite an apology from You Tube and a promise of change in policy.

Other companies mentioned didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.His full-toned voice, in-depth style of gameplay commentary and multiple charitable acts have spanned a highly successful You Tube career.He has accumulated more than 18 million subscribers, and fans make a milestone video every time he hits a 1,000,000 milestone to show his fans his gratitude and often includes news about upcoming projects.And for those who don’t recognise the name, stop yelling at teenagers to get off your lawn.We’ve actually started getting into watching his videos of late to see what he’s about and we have to say we’re thoroughly impressed.

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Toronto-raised but now LA-based, Singh is less happy clappy than the garden variety of You Tuber and has become known for her comic and educational videos whose titles include everything from “Sh*t Punjabi Mothers Say” to "Getting school by Michelle Obama" and feature the First Lady.