Who is tyler ward dating

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Who is tyler ward dating

Ward coined the phrase "Social Media Artist' - which accounts for all full-time musicians making a living through online platforms.This new business has been considered the "future of the music industry." Ward pioneered the selling and streaming cover songs, legally, on i Tunes and spotify and has established the ability for artists to collect advertising revenue through streaming monetization.Independent artist best known for mixing covers with original music; his debut album, Honestly, dropped in October 2013.He was voted #5 on Billboard Magazine's Top 100 Uncharted List of musical acts.In 2011, Ward performed a duet with The Band Perry, celebrating the Academy of Country Music Awards and went on a tour with Boyce Avenue.

It came out the day before they re-made it with Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. That video was the most- searched-for video in You Tube history and my version was right underneath it.

She was the type to constantly want to sing for people, and sing loudly and proudly. I have become self - sustainable learning how to film, edit videos, and even produce my own tracks.

Which wasn’t a bad thing, but it got to me a little as everyone would tell her how amazing she was… He called me and we soon found out that we were literally living in the same neighborhood. Ever since then, Tyler has helped me launch a music career that I never even was able to dream of because it seemed like such a laughable concept my entire life. I give Tyler all the credit, as I learned everything from him.

I Love Lucy and The Carol Burnett Show are sacred to me.

I danced for 9 long years of my life, and was actually pretty darn good at it (not sure you would know that by my awesome dance skills in videos nowadays)!

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He originally was focused on having a college football career and attended the United States Air Force Academy Preparatory School; he opted, however, to become a journalism student at the University of Northern Colorado, during which time he honed his skills as a musician. He has been in a relationship with popular You Tuber Brey Noelle.