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Der Betreiber von "World of Warcraft" diskriminiere Homosexuelle, meinen einige. Gesellschaftliche Debatten sind aus den virtuellen Welten nicht mehr herauszuhalten.

Da soll ein bisschen Homophobie womöglich über die eigene Unsicherheit hinweghelfen.Based on the homosexual perspective, filmmakers Jochen Hick and Andreas Strohfeldt elucidate the political picture of the GDR, in which citizens are monitored, spied upon and whose movements are restrained.In addition, they are called upon to betray one's own cause: homosexual emancipation. Jochen Hick's newest work is, just like his others and his probably most famous film "Ich kenn keinen - Allein unter Heteros", an interesting study on the perception of homosexuals again.In 1968, paragraph 175, which made homosexual behavior punish able by law was abolished in the German Democratic Republic.At first homosexuality was considered a negligible issue in 'real existing socialism'.

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Der polnische Priester Krzysztof Charamsa hat den Vatikan erschüttert, als er sich vor eineinhalb Jahren öffentlich als homosexuell geoutet hat.

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