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Making the changes to the formulas by hand is tedious. Screen Updating = True End Sub Once this macro is run, you can copy and paste the selection without Excel doing any updating to references. Screen Updating = True End Sub This macro will change all formulas in the selected range to their relative equivalent.You can use the following macro to convert all the formulas in the selection to their absolute equivalent: Sub Convert To Absolute() Dim c As Variant Application. Once the pasting is done, you can change the references in the selection (and in the original range, if it still exists) by selecting the range and applying this macro: Sub Convert To Relative() Dim c As Variant Application. Remember that this will affect all formulas—which means that if the formulas in the range contained both relative and absolute references, when this macro is done, they will all be relative.If you have a range of formulas need to be copied, these methods will be very tedious and time-consuming.If you want to copy the formulas without changing cell references quickly and easily, try the following methods:”.Excel treats "values" as calculated values rather than the actual formulas in the cell.If I choose paste formula, it still gives absolute references.More About Why I Need This: I have a production xlsx in use for daily operations. sheet1 Sheets("Sheet1")Before:=Workbooks("Workbook B.xlsx"). Sheets("sheet2") 'find WBA references and remove them Cells.

The solution, of course, is to make sure that all the references within the selection are absolute before doing the copy and paste. Formula, _ xl A1, , xl Absolute) Next c Application. Formula, _ xl A1, , xl Relative, c) Next c Application.Notice in steps 4 and 5 that what you are searching for and replacing it with is not the straight month names.This is done because the month names alone (January, February, etc.) could easily occur in other places in the worksheet without being part of a formula.The task can quickly become a nightmare, however, if you have dozens or hundreds of such references.The solution is to do a simple search-and-replace operation in Excel, as outlined here: The formulas in the worksheet are now updated so they refer to the proper worksheet.

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On the February worksheet you have the following formula: If you copy this cell to the March worksheet, Excel will automatically change the B7 reference (if necessary), but it won't change the sheet name (January, which was "one less" than the sheet on which the formula first occurred) to the adjusted relative sheet name (February, which is "one less" than the sheet to which the formula is being copied).