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Firefighters arrived and rescued Little Dinah, who is thought to be between four and five-weeks-old, before handing her over to The Fox Project in Tunbridge Wells. "Luckily, she doesn't seem to have an underlying problems so our plan is to introduce her to a new 'family' group of cubs around a similar age over the coming days." He added that she has seemed to regain some of her strength back.

Tasha insisted that if the baby is asleep there is nothing wrong with 'making love'. If you baby wants feeding just stop making love.'Another posted: 'Breastfeeding whilst having sex is just wrong! 'A third tweeted: 'I'm gonna have to switch #This Morning off...

"When the crew arrived they quickly established that it was, in fact, a little fox cub who had fallen into the drain and couldn't get out.

"Thankfully they managed to release the cub and I rushed to the scene to make sure she was okay." The little cub was frozen with fear and very cold, so the firefighters gave her some oxygen and Abbie wrapped her in towels and blankets to warm her up.

However the majority of viewers disagreed with the vlogger and took aim at her parenting style on Twitter. no no no do not mix breastfeeding & love making together. 'However others questioned whether Phil and Holly had been fair in their interview.

'Get the feeling Phil & Holly twisted the breastfeeding interview a bit,' one said.

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