House dating

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House dating

Her 5th book “Screwing The Rules: The No-Games Guide to Love” was published with Running Press.Her You Tube videos, which have had over 25 million views are edgy, authentic, relatable yet aspirational.

‘She tried to put the fire out with her hands but didn’t have much success.

Although useful as an identification key and primer on gathering historical information, this work is most interesting as a narrative on the house as artifact. This is an easy quick read, with basic information about what building techniques were used at different time periods.

Howard's notes on such topics as identifying saw marks, chronology of nails, and the history of plaster distinguish his book from other manuals, though fuller study on the dating of architecture and its decoration is still needed. If you are at all interested in when your house was built. It is pretty cool to see how things have evolved from log cabins to modern 2x4 "stick" framing .

Laurel helps translate the deep-seeded needs and superficial wants of both men and women, demystifying dating and relationships by removing the games, and getting back to the real purpose: love.

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So one day in March, when my son Jude didn't have college classes, I played hookey and we did a little more research on our house.