Android call log not updating

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Android call log not updating

But Google's done a great job even in its first iteration. We get that you might be a little wary of using a smartphone — a tool that by definition is distracting — in the car.Follow the directions and get things set up while I talk to the Windows using folks for a minute. Open the zip file and you'll see a folder named android-tools. Next, visit the manufacturers page for your device and install the adb and fastboot drivers for Windows.

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The Status bar displays icons that indicate Wi-Fi status.

Network status icons turn blue if you have a Google Account added to your Android Mini Box and it is connected to Google services, for syncing your Gmail, Calendar events, contacts, for backing up your settings, and so on.

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For a lot of us, the fact that we can plug our Android phone or tablet into our computer and interact with it is a big plus.

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